It’s 2:00 am and as usual I heard a loud shout.

There was a big bang and so much noise emanating from the other flat

Sounds of pots, spoons and kitchen utensils clattering everywhere

“You are so irresponsible, I regret meeting you, it is me that will kill you, useless somebody”.

These were the words I could hear backed up with tears and shouting from children here and there.

They have started again, they won’t allow people sleep peacefully.

As I rolled over and laid on my chest using the other pillow to block my ears,  I heard a sudden cry



At this point it dawned on me it is no more a child’s play.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Has she taken the laws into her hands, is it a case of self-defense?

I thought so too until we broke into their flat and discovered the reverse was the case.

The man (a father of two) had been living with a monster for the past 10 years.

How did he manage to cope with incessant beatings and harassment from his wife all these years?

But maybe this had not been the case from onset

But what went wrong?

Their story is that of a jobless man whose wife was a support and pillar in the house for many years

But as fate would have it eventually the man got a nice paying job and was able to fend for his family as expected

His wife got him the job as a sales person with her friend who runs her own company.

According to his wife, things started changing when she suspected her husband is having extra marital affairs with his boss in the office

She confronted him severally and of course had to go meet her husband’s boss and gave her a piece of her mind

Eventually her husband was fired and he returns home to his wife.

They never had peace from that day till now.

But come to think of it, I thought there was a saying that women are weaker vessels but is he the weaker vessel? Why can’t he go get a job himself instead of relying solely on his wife to help get a job or help run his home?

These were my thoughts and deliberations as we drove to the hospital.

Is it morally right to beat up a “weaker man/hubby” irrespective of what he had done or hadn’t done?

Have you experienced or seen any case on this?

Let’s discuss.

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  1. The day a friend of mine was head bent on disagreeing with this, I told her whatever you can imagine does exist in this world. It is SO morally wrong and insane. It’s a total distraction of a man, first his ego has been destroyed then you go further and beat him!? It’s amazing though cos it makes me understand that everything which expresses itself in the physical stems from the mind or spiritual. How can a man not in the least run away, if not defend himself, His manly mind has been destroyed. But whatever the situation: joblessness, not so much smartness (cos I’ve seen such cases where it seems the woman is smarter than the man and she rubs it in and Lords over him); it is so ungodly and disgraceful for a woman to try override her man cos of his weaknesses and it goes both ways. They are ONE for God’s sake! LOVE WOULD ALWAYS WIN.

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  2. Debs says:

    You know I’ve heard cases like this but I still don’t understand why I can’t imagine it. Just the way I find it inhumane and ridiculous for a man to hit a woman, I don’t understand how a woman will raise her hands to hit and beat the father of her kids or even if not.

    Well, if we advise women to run, so should a man too. His ego has already been damaged especially with the fact that he can’t feed his family. While it is wrong for him to abandon his responsibility, it is right for him to save his life first.

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  3. jahzmene says:

    A man under the ravaging effects of domestic violence should flee such a volatile situation….it is never right to hit another person irrespective of What they have done ..irrespective of the gender. Domestic violence is never the way forward. is never a solution.

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