Two weeks gone and I am on my bed, pressing my phone and submitting my cv on all job search websites. Phone rings with strange number.

Caller: Good morning Mr Sam

Me: Yes good morning, who is this

Caller: My name is Felix From Crotch Investments

Me: (Feeling agitated) Yes how can I help you

Caller: Sequel to your interview with you two weeks ago, we wish to inform you that you have the job. Kindly come pick up your letter latest tomorrow

Me: Yippie! Bros Felix Sir, can I come now?

Caller: Yes you may, but we close at 4pm

Me: I will be there in 45 minutes sir

I jumped into my clothes and zoomed off to get my letter. At last I have the opportunity to meet MTT again. Who knows maybe she was the one that fast tracked the thing to my Favor. I think she likes me too…


As I stepped into the company, the receptionist welcomes me and hands me over an envelope.

Me: Thank you

Receptionist: you are welcome.

I have been seating there at the reception confused and not knowing what to do.

I have been given the job, but I do not feel glad about it.

Why will I be sent to Borno to work?

Was it because I said I was fearless ?

But MTT should know I said that because I was only bold to talk to her

Who would go to a dreaded terrorist location to work?

How much is the money sef? Although it is much and comes with allowance but can it purchase life?

They have lost three senior staff to violence in that location and is it me they want to sacrifice next?

The painful thing is not even the job but the fact that I might not get to meet my cute elevator crush again.

What do I do? Accept the job offer and risk my life or go back home and keep job hunting.



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