Seating so happily waiting for the oral interview

I had just finished the written interview and I hope I did well

As I wrote all I could think of was her smile and seductive eyes

Now I am thinking….

Was she wearing a ring?

Is she married?

Is she an employee here

Why would she smile at me if she doesn’t like me too?

If she is Ibo, her name must be Nwadiuto

If she is Yoruba, her name must be Omodun

But I think she is none of those, she is not just a mermaid

She is the queen of the coast…..

I am happily doomed

I need to return to that 13th floor… I need to do so after my interview

I just want to behold her face again, that would bring me luck I presume

Man comes in and calls: Applicant 040

Yes please, I responded

Now it is my time to be interviewed. As I was ushered into the interview room, I walked with my chest up, head swinging from left to right and smiling in anticipation like a teenage boy eager to meet his crush.

Lo and behold! Right in front of me are seven people, five men and two women

Wetin happen na? Seven people want to interview just me alone?

A great and sudden fear gripped me. Now I am sweating profusely

Interviewer: You may be seated please

Me: Thank you Sir (I said stammering)

Interviewer: So Mr. Sam, a quick introduction here. Seated before you are the senior management staff and members of the board of Directors of this reputable company.

(He starts introducing them by names and right before me staring at me with those appealing eyes was the elevator woman)

Interviewer: And that is Miss. Titi Thomas (MTT), (pointing at my elevator woman) The HR Manager of this company

Every other thing the interviewer said sounded like rubbish to me as I maintained a fixed gazed on my elevator woman

MTT:  So Mr. Sam, you are a fresh graduate and had a second class lower in your degree. You studied biology education and have no job experience whatsoever in accounting. Why do you think we should employ you when our requirement stated that we were hiring those a second class upper and above with a 5 year working experience in accounting or related field

(Now am thinking, why would this woman do this to me, she have finish me finish. Na person wey know person dey do person. Is this a payback or something? Why is she mean? If she doesn’t want to employ me she should kuku tell me whishwan is all this question sef)

Me: Ehm! Ehm! Ehm! Wow!!! Anyway you just spoke well. But I think the reason why you should employ me is because you believe in my abilities and that is why I am seated before you. If you didn’t I wouldn’t even be called for a written not to talk of an oral interview.

MTT: Tell me about your weakness and strengths

Me I have no weakness. I have just strengths. I am a bold man and go after what I want. I have no fears at all, no fears whatsoever

(MTT whispers to interviewer 2)

Interviewer 2: Ok Mr. Sam. Have a great day. You would hear from us if shortlisted

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2 Responses to ELEVATOR ROMANCE Part 2

  1. Debs says:

    Hahahahahaa, I like the suspense. Bottom power in action!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adedamola says:

    Hehehe…issokay oo 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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