Just as I got into the elevator, I was dazed at this magnificent beauty right in front of me.

Staring and at standstill I thought to myself

I have never seen anything as beautiful as this in my life

I would have said she is even more beautiful than my mum but my mum is not light skinned

Could she be the missing angel I read about or one of the fallen angels sent to bring destruction to mankind

If she was evil I wouldn’t mind to be harmed by her every day of my life

Her hair was so black it cascades down her dress like a waterfall

Her eyes were so bright it reminds me of the beauty of the clouds

Her dentition were spacious and white it makes me think valuable adornments like diamonds are white

Her eye brows were so perfect which connoted an embodiment of faultlessness

Her skin so fresh and smooth it makes me desire to kiss every part of it

I took a deep breath and refused to breathe out as her perfume permeated the whole room

She is not human I concluded, she is a goddess, she is a mermaid, she is God-sent

Suddenly her mouth gently opens and with the most infectious smile on her lips she says “Mr. Man, Can you come in and shut the elevator please”

Still lost in thoughts and wondering if I should start up a conversation with her

But how will I be standing beside this beautiful creature and not say hello

As a sharp Lagos boy, I summoned courage …..

Me: Hello pretty, sorry about what just happened I was….

Madam: (with a wide smile she cuts me and replies) it is fine

Wow!!! I almost jumped in excitement. She smiled at me? Really?

I don hammer!!!!! I shouted this severally in my mind

(The elevator stops and she steps out.)

Reality suddenly sets in.

What floor am I going to? She stopped at the 13th floor and I followed her there?

Oh no!!! But I have a job interview on the second floor.

I adjusted my fat tie and tucked in my shirt properly, Checked my CV and credentials to ascertain they were intact, I put my  folder under my armpit. Interview here I come

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8 Responses to ELEVATOR ROMANCE Part. 1

  1. Avore says:

    Oya finish the story now. Thats how this guy has entered his own. I hope he remembers what he’s supposed to say at the interview

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  2. Olabisi Etuk says:

    Waiting for the next post plss

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  3. Namo says:

    Where is the part 2???
    Nice one

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  4. Adedamola says:


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my! Is this what Ive been missing on here? lol

    Liked by 1 person

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