Hello everyone,

Wow!!! It truly has been a very remarkable year for you I believe.

The year is gradually coming to a wrap and so many plans are in place for the upcoming festive season.

I know for many this year didn’t go as planned or expected, for some others it was the year where they were at the peak of their careers, dreams and achievements.

Well for me I have a thousand and one reasons to thank God. So many things happened in the year and it is with so much gratitude to God I call it a wrap.

I know the festive season for some would cause tears and pain especially when they realize they would be ending the year without some loved ones they started the year with. I pray that all of such people be comforted by God himself.

And if you are among those who had big plans and dreams for the year 2016 and up until now they have not been achieved, then I believe this is for you:

Do not give up yet! A lot can still happen in 31 days… YES!!! IT IS STILL POSSIBLE.

Maintain your focus, believe in your dreams, remain positive and by the last day of this year you would have tremendous testimonies of the year.

Believe in yourself and know that IT IS STILL POSSIBLE.

I love and believe in you

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  1. Debs says:

    Awww, thanks for this inspiring post. It is soul lifting…Looking forward to celebrating 2017 with you! I believe in you too

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  2. binta says:

    God bless you! It has indeed been a year of rejoicing! Halleluyah!

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  3. Temitope says:

    Focus n hard work is always the key… with God on our side all things are possible. 2016 a year 2 remember

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  4. 3shaa says:

    Needed this! Thank you so much..

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  5. J. E. David says:

    Indeed one shldnt give up cos it doesn’t take time but God. It is written “He crowneth the year with goodness n our path draws fatness”. Nice one richtee

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  6. kelsmoothng says:

    This article is for me. Thanks a milli

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  7. Frances says:

    Yea, it’s indeed possible. Very nice piece. Thanks!

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  8. Dolapo says:

    Thank you

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