TMI Tag (Too Much Information)


Hello people,

How was your day? Its been a very busy period for me and while i have been working on work and life balancing, my home girl Deb tagged and insisted i do this and answer questions i do not even have all answers to…. RIDICULOUS!!! she wants to know some strange things about me and then a challenge with awkward questions.

I also have amazing friends and followers asking questions about me and wanting to some things about me and some personal things….. (dunno what all of you want)

Well I hope this answers some if not all

Just like Deb, she tagged me on her blog that i should do this, and trust me she is one amazing and prolific writer i know. you should see her post on TMI (Too Much Information ) Deb TMI too..

We seem to have some things in common though… Lol…

Anyway let me try and answer what I can…

What are you wearing?

A white native…. I think it’s called danshiki or agbada. My Tailor just showed me the style and thinks it would be lovely for a wedding ceremony i attended.

 Ever been in love?

I have and still in it….. its my nature.. lol

 Ever had a terrible breakup?

Dunno if there isn’t any breakup that isn’t terrible!

How tall are you?

5ft 9inches

How much do you weigh?

Last time I checked, 90kg (a long time ago though…. Already Worked on that)

 Any tattoos?

What are tattoos?

Any piercings?


 OTP (One True Pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple)

Sam loco and Patience Ozukwo (don’t even know her surname)… i am awkward right

Favourite show

No favorite

 Favourite bands?

Not a fan of bands…

Something you miss?

Childhood days… when i get all i want without work, stress or delays…. Just ask and receive

Favourite song

Holy Spirit by Martin PK

How old are you?

Very very young…

Zodiac sign?


 Quality you look for in a partner?

Sincerity and patience (I could be enigmatic and annoying but extremely loving and romantic and loving)

 Favourite Quote? 

The sufferings of this present times are not worthy to be compared to the glory that would be revealed afterwards

Favorite actor?

Quite a number of them

Favorite color?

White and black!

Loud music or soft?


Where do you go when you’re sad?

I look inward and bring joy from within, then I reach for my pen or my device and ease my emotions through writing.

How long does it take you to shower?

15 minutes

 Ever been in a physical fight?

In my first year in junior class of high school I had one with a classmate who I gave the beating of his life. Of course I looked bigger and cheated on him. After the fight all the boys in the hostel hailed me and said indeed I was strong because nobody could beat that guy up…. Now everyone know am THE MAN. And then when I was rounding up high school, I still believed I was the man and I engaged in another with my very good friend then. He warned me categorically that I shouldn’t dare him that he would beat the hell out of me but I insisted…. As fate would have it, he tucked my head under his armpit and gave me blows of life…. He really did beat me and that night he took the championship belt from me. From that day till forever I have never or imagined any fight again

 Turn on

Intelligence,Eloquence and Appearance

Turn off?  

Pretense, dishonesty and insincerity

The reason I joined Youtube?

I will tell you when I join…


No fears!!!

Last thing that made you cry

Saw a miracle of a 20 year old boy who had never walked in his entire life walking for the first time walking in church recently….

 Last time you said you loved someone?

Some minutes ago

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?

I am RichTee and I blog……

 Last book you read?

The power of your mind

The book you’re currently reading?

Understanding Men

 Last show you watched

Cant remember the name

Last person you talked to

An old time buddy

The relationship between you and the person you last texted

My  Twin

 Favourite food

Bread and Beans

Place you want to visit?


Last place you were?

The studio…

 Do you have a crush?

YES!!! Crush, Crusher!! Crushest

 Last time you kissed someone?

Who is someone please? Is it the name of a food?

Favourite flavour of sweet?


What instruments do you play?

Drum set

Favourite piece of jewellery?

My Ringsssssssssssssssss😍😍😍😍😍

Last sport you played?

Table Tennis

Last song you sang?

You Have Done Me Well by ObiShine

Favourite chat up line?

Ghen Ghen!!!

Have you ever used it


Last time you hung out with anyone

Few hours ago


I hope you now know little about me. If you have more questions buzz me via mail.

Thanks for reading…cheers!

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6 Responses to TMI Tag (Too Much Information)

  1. 😂😂😂😂This is quite hilarious! It’s so much fun knowing all these about you. So you used to be local champion before abi…chai!!! Good thing someone made you pay for your arrogance😜😜

    So you wear rings? How come I’ve never noticed?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lmaoooooo Ghen! Ghen!! Abeg someone pause my laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kunbi7 says:

    Hilarious I laughed through it…chat up line gehn ghen like seriously

    Liked by 1 person

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