FROM THE ARCHIVES: Daddy’s Little Girl



I was going through old bags and luggage and i found that old book where i did those writings as a young writer.

Its funny how i wrote this in 2007 and it really amazes me still….

Pardon the tenses and use of words….

Daddy’s little girl is a story of a single parent whose daughter was Everything to him… she grows up and its time to get married and it seems hard to let go….



She was his world, the apple of his eyes

Daddy’s precious little cute girl

The only one who could make him cry

In her eyes he was God

Heaven resides in His arms

The whole world was her daddy’s little charm

It wasn’t too long ago, she was sitting on his knee

He promised her  “If you would believe you can be anything you want to be. Honey, use your imagination. Don’t forget for one minute your dreams are within your reach and the sky is not your limit”.

His little girl is all grown up now

No longer a baby, no need for his protection

She is now a young lady.

He watches her spread her wings

A tear slips from his eye

He must let her go but how can he say goodbye

Thanks for reading and shout out to all Daddy’s Girls


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5 Responses to FROM THE ARCHIVES: Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. This is beautiful!😍😍😍 Chai, talent never dies!!!

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  2. Okem Nwabudike says:

    Nice…really nice

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  3. ose says:

    wow what an inspiring story…I love this

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