Beyond Emotions


“I really need to talk to you Sam, I want to see you”, she said.
“I hope all is okay, how is Fred and your baby?” “They are fine, Fred just left for Abuja to return on Friday.” “I am sorry Sharon, I cannot see you. I am not available.” Now am thinking hard and getting so confused.
But then Sharon was my first love and now married to my best friend.
I know it is wrong and this ought to stop. Fred had been so nice to me and when we were in the university he even paid my fees in my final year, got me a nice job and has been more than a brother. He never knew I had and am still having an encounter with his wife.
This must stop! As I laid on my couch worried and thinking whether to tell Fred or just abscond I dozed off.
And there was the Big Bang on my door. “Who is there?” I asked, I got to the door and found Sharon looking extraordinarily beautiful right in front of me.
I tried to ask or question what brought her
But as I opened my mouth to speak she smiled and put her arms around me… Her smile was so enchanting and there is none like it on earth
The coloration of her lips kept calling me
Her voluptuous body leaning on mine made me shiver… “Sharon! Sharon!! Please I do not want this,” I said with a stuttering voice.
“I only came to talk to you that’s all,”
She held me tighter and walked me in smiling. I knew the end of all this already.
Can I close the door?
Shhhhhh! As she mounted her lips to shut me up.
With my heart beat running faster than usual and my mind loosing it’s senses, I heard my name from behind.
Sam!!!! There was Fred watching his wife in my arms.


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28 Responses to Beyond Emotions

  1. Looking forward to the 2nd part!!! 🔥🔥

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  2. Nnamdi says:

    Sam messed up… Chai…
    PART B plssssssssss
    Nice one

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  3. Dolapo says:

    Hmmmm, it’s so complicated, sometimes we need to let our physical body carry out the real action in our minds. He wanted it all to stop in his mind but here is his weak body luring him into that same act his mind never wanted. Kudos Bro.

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  4. Gbenga says:

    Hey…. that’s the most interesting part now!!!! 😠😡

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  5. Oladipupo Omiola says:

    What next?

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  6. Busola Leimu says:

    Why no😂😂😂😂😂 bad child Sharon

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  7. Okem Nwabudike says:

    But you just gave us the main course, and I like appetizers… Lol Thumbs up bruv.

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  8. Seyi koya says:

    Sam is a sucker but sometimes marriage never cure lust it only shows you a strategic way to get in more. The best cure for lust is discipline and I felt Sam should have absconded instead, cos proximity with ur first love who is married to ur best friend.The emotions never stops.

    Rich tee nice one pls give us part B

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  9. Kola Agboola says:

    Woah! Woah! Woah!
    This is about to get messy

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  10. Rhoda says:


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  11. Ope says:

    Beautiful story. What’s going to happen to the friendship?

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  12. Eyitoyo says:


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  13. seunmanuel says:

    Nice one bro. It’s fantastic writing. The build up of the story was engrossing. Weldon.

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  14. 3shaa says:

    Wow! Weldone bruh..keep up the great work.

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  15. Victoria says:

    Nice one


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