Trust in God

he caress

Once upon a time I had questions and have tucked my head in between my thighs severally with tear drops running down my eyes and then I asked multiple questions beginning with why.

Once upon a time I saw pain take over the joy and situations make me look unnecessarily coy

But then and there when all hope seemed lost and questions left unanswered, I heard His still soft calm sonorous voice calling me by my name….. And then he said.. “I have heard your voice and seen your tears, worry no more because I am aware and It is working for you a far more exceeding weight of glory”

From that day I received All I need to live a triumphant life. Questions answered, Joy restored, Future glorious. My life is a story of Grace and God is still touching and changing lives.

He can reach you today and turn your life around. He is Never late.
trust in him.

I love you

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