Treat People The Way They Treat You


Overtime I have heard this saying of people being upset and can’t take it when you treat them the way they treat you. It’s quite pathetic how people can’t cope with the feeling and the drama it comes with.

One thing I believe and love about Tables is that they always turn. The truth is no one is irreplaceable and nothing is constant and forever so value every moment you have with people because they could all be gone tomorrow.

The past week has been a dramatic one as I watched some folks come up with funny drama that kept me dazed.

I got concerned when I saw these well-known love birds whose love was more appealing than that of Romeo and Juliet creating raging and spitting words at each other. Out of curiosity I moved closer to find out what’s happening and I found out they have been having issues of recent and the lady had been acting up towards the guy and giving him attitude. Of course this is a usual lady act you would say, but when she starts passing comments like “you call too much, am busy I can’t talk to you, I can’t see you, am too busy to make time for you, don’t come visiting because we having a family meeting, can you call later am with a friend, you are choking me, you don’t understand my job it takes my time so much I hardly have time for myself, I can’t have time for you, am chasing career and you are chasing love, I need space, can we just be happy without any strings, you live your life while I live mine, can you have my freedom, bla bla bla” then its high time my guy thinks o…

I really felt for the guy o, the message was so obvious and I even heard from another passerby that “aunty chika don get another person o”. It was so hard for him to move on but my guy had to. He eventually and suddenly did. Now he also got busy with his work, he doesn’t have time for her; he doesn’t take her calls, no messages. She has now become a memory to him and he lives his life independent of her.

It was fast and sudden and I think the table has turned and the young lass started passing comments like “you have changed, how can people change suddenly, I can’t believe you are doing this, how come you are not calling me anymore, why are you not taking my calls again, you have been brainwashed, you are being influenced…

I guess he is paying her back in her own coin and the babe can’t cope with the shock.

My question is, shebi she said she had moved on and the guy should, whishwan come be unnecessary emotional attachment na?

Bottomline if you know you can’t handle shits, don’t give people shits. It will always come back to you someday, somehow. You can’t eat your cake and have it mbok!


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4 Responses to Treat People The Way They Treat You

  1. L.I says:

    I still wonder how ones fart doesn’t smell awful to the who farts but otherwise to others

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  2. Preshnext says:

    If you can’t handle shit, then don’t give people shit! My favourite line.

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