They seemed so perfect and were the envy of everyone.

He was the most charming and appealing young man everyone in the ‘hood knew

His physique, smile, charisma and countenance make every girl smile happily just at a gaze.

She was the beauty of her man

Even angels would give her a second gaze when she passes

Her eyes are so bright they could brighten your path at night

Her skin was soft, mild and spotless you wonder if she is a day old

They always looked great together and everyone anticipated their union and kids

They were the talk of the town; friends and families anticipated the D-Day

They vowed to stick to each other through happy and challenging times

She loved the way he calls her name, holds her waist, cares for, kisses her passionately and loves her all the way

He can’t wait to get on the dinning to devour her sumptuous meals, kiss her goodnight, cuddle her like a toddler, pray with her and watch her sleep smiling and happily like a baby without worries.

Yes she had no worries until the same things that brought happiness and joy brought worries and confusion.

Now her meals are not tasty, now he doesn’t anticipate holding her in his arms, he doesn’t kiss her anymore

Now they fight and fuss over the same things that brought joy and sweet memories.

The excitement was all gone

She cried and cried wondering what went wrong!!!

He cried and cried wondering what went wrong!!!

Now they have to go their separate ways because their hearts are torn and broken.

They still have feelings for each other

They still want and desire each other

But there is already AN INTRUDER

An intruder that institutes breakups, walkaways, pain and sadness

An intruder that brings frustrations and tells them IT IS BETTER IT ENDS

An intruder that shows them better offers than their spouses and entices them to them

An intruder that was never joyous of their happy union

An intruder that bring rifts, quarrels, stress and bitterness

An intruder that seeks to bring good happenings to an end


An Intruder called PRIDE and EGO

Can someone call them back to order before it’s too late?

Can someone tell them that the challenges are there to make them stronger?

Can someone tell them to HOLD ON and BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER and their dreams?

Can someone tell them that breakups and walkaways are not the remedies for challenges in relationships?

Can someone tell them to GIVE IT ONE MORE CHANCE?

If only they can believe, hold on and remember the very reasons why it all started

If only they can take away THE INTRUDER and live humbly loving and making things work

If only both parties can pray to GOD who is love himself and blessed the union from onset

Then I believe things would be fine again

Then I believe they would both smile again

Then I believe they would be happy once again

Then I believe they would live happily ever after

Then I believe they would achieve ALL their dreams again

The TIME IS TICKING and they are getting further away and apart.


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