I’m glad to be single and there’s no denying
the joy of no debts and no strings and no trying
to contrive a way to avoid looking desperate
as I offer her love and yet never get or feel love in return.

I’m glad to be single and it’s a sure fact
that my life is so full, I’ve no room for a cat
lest my time be diverted from service and love
given freely to others, storing treasures above.

I’m glad to be single and used by the Lord 
single minded to follow his excellent word
I would someday  live for myself, for my kids and my woman
but for now i have been
 called and by this I shall stand.

I’m glad to be single and I’m ready to go 
to the ends of the earth in the sun or the snow
with a backpack or suitcase in a plane or a car
with the gospel to encourage God’s people wherever they are.

I’m glad to be single and please understand 
that my love is for God (not my lust for a woman)
and the lessons I’ve learned in these period of aloneness
have strengthened my faith unto patience and wholeness.

I’m glad to be single, just like my sweet Jesus 
who lived and who died and who rose up to teach us
that singles and marrieds must walk humbly by
until He calls us home to our place in the sky.


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2 Responses to I AM SINGLE AND GLAD

  1. Adaeze says:

    I love this! We seem to think that being single is a thing to be ashamed of but that isn’t true. You captured it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

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