It’s 2:00 am and as usual I heard a loud shout.

There was a big bang and so much noise emanating from the other flat

Sounds of pots, spoons and kitchen utensils clattering everywhere

“You are so irresponsible, I regret meeting you, it is me that will kill you, useless somebody”.

These were the words I could hear backed up with tears and shouting from children here and there.

They have started again, they won’t allow people sleep peacefully.

As I rolled over and laid on my chest using the other pillow to block my ears,  I heard a sudden cry



At this point it dawned on me it is no more a child’s play.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Has she taken the laws into her hands, is it a case of self-defense?

I thought so too until we broke into their flat and discovered the reverse was the case.

The man (a father of two) had been living with a monster for the past 10 years.

How did he manage to cope with incessant beatings and harassment from his wife all these years?

But maybe this had not been the case from onset

But what went wrong?

Their story is that of a jobless man whose wife was a support and pillar in the house for many years

But as fate would have it eventually the man got a nice paying job and was able to fend for his family as expected

His wife got him the job as a sales person with her friend who runs her own company.

According to his wife, things started changing when she suspected her husband is having extra marital affairs with his boss in the office

She confronted him severally and of course had to go meet her husband’s boss and gave her a piece of her mind

Eventually her husband was fired and he returns home to his wife.

They never had peace from that day till now.

But come to think of it, I thought there was a saying that women are weaker vessels but is he the weaker vessel? Why can’t he go get a job himself instead of relying solely on his wife to help get a job or help run his home?

These were my thoughts and deliberations as we drove to the hospital.

Is it morally right to beat up a “weaker man/hubby” irrespective of what he had done or hadn’t done?

Have you experienced or seen any case on this?

Let’s discuss.

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Two weeks gone and I am on my bed, pressing my phone and submitting my cv on all job search websites. Phone rings with strange number.

Caller: Good morning Mr Sam

Me: Yes good morning, who is this

Caller: My name is Felix From Crotch Investments

Me: (Feeling agitated) Yes how can I help you

Caller: Sequel to your interview with you two weeks ago, we wish to inform you that you have the job. Kindly come pick up your letter latest tomorrow

Me: Yippie! Bros Felix Sir, can I come now?

Caller: Yes you may, but we close at 4pm

Me: I will be there in 45 minutes sir

I jumped into my clothes and zoomed off to get my letter. At last I have the opportunity to meet MTT again. Who knows maybe she was the one that fast tracked the thing to my Favor. I think she likes me too…


As I stepped into the company, the receptionist welcomes me and hands me over an envelope.

Me: Thank you

Receptionist: you are welcome.

I have been seating there at the reception confused and not knowing what to do.

I have been given the job, but I do not feel glad about it.

Why will I be sent to Borno to work?

Was it because I said I was fearless ?

But MTT should know I said that because I was only bold to talk to her

Who would go to a dreaded terrorist location to work?

How much is the money sef? Although it is much and comes with allowance but can it purchase life?

They have lost three senior staff to violence in that location and is it me they want to sacrifice next?

The painful thing is not even the job but the fact that I might not get to meet my cute elevator crush again.

What do I do? Accept the job offer and risk my life or go back home and keep job hunting.



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Seating so happily waiting for the oral interview

I had just finished the written interview and I hope I did well

As I wrote all I could think of was her smile and seductive eyes

Now I am thinking….

Was she wearing a ring?

Is she married?

Is she an employee here

Why would she smile at me if she doesn’t like me too?

If she is Ibo, her name must be Nwadiuto

If she is Yoruba, her name must be Omodun

But I think she is none of those, she is not just a mermaid

She is the queen of the coast…..

I am happily doomed

I need to return to that 13th floor… I need to do so after my interview

I just want to behold her face again, that would bring me luck I presume

Man comes in and calls: Applicant 040

Yes please, I responded

Now it is my time to be interviewed. As I was ushered into the interview room, I walked with my chest up, head swinging from left to right and smiling in anticipation like a teenage boy eager to meet his crush.

Lo and behold! Right in front of me are seven people, five men and two women

Wetin happen na? Seven people want to interview just me alone?

A great and sudden fear gripped me. Now I am sweating profusely

Interviewer: You may be seated please

Me: Thank you Sir (I said stammering)

Interviewer: So Mr. Sam, a quick introduction here. Seated before you are the senior management staff and members of the board of Directors of this reputable company.

(He starts introducing them by names and right before me staring at me with those appealing eyes was the elevator woman)

Interviewer: And that is Miss. Titi Thomas (MTT), (pointing at my elevator woman) The HR Manager of this company

Every other thing the interviewer said sounded like rubbish to me as I maintained a fixed gazed on my elevator woman

MTT:  So Mr. Sam, you are a fresh graduate and had a second class lower in your degree. You studied biology education and have no job experience whatsoever in accounting. Why do you think we should employ you when our requirement stated that we were hiring those a second class upper and above with a 5 year working experience in accounting or related field

(Now am thinking, why would this woman do this to me, she have finish me finish. Na person wey know person dey do person. Is this a payback or something? Why is she mean? If she doesn’t want to employ me she should kuku tell me whishwan is all this question sef)

Me: Ehm! Ehm! Ehm! Wow!!! Anyway you just spoke well. But I think the reason why you should employ me is because you believe in my abilities and that is why I am seated before you. If you didn’t I wouldn’t even be called for a written not to talk of an oral interview.

MTT: Tell me about your weakness and strengths

Me I have no weakness. I have just strengths. I am a bold man and go after what I want. I have no fears at all, no fears whatsoever

(MTT whispers to interviewer 2)

Interviewer 2: Ok Mr. Sam. Have a great day. You would hear from us if shortlisted

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Just as I got into the elevator, I was dazed at this magnificent beauty right in front of me.

Staring and at standstill I thought to myself

I have never seen anything as beautiful as this in my life

I would have said she is even more beautiful than my mum but my mum is not light skinned

Could she be the missing angel I read about or one of the fallen angels sent to bring destruction to mankind

If she was evil I wouldn’t mind to be harmed by her every day of my life

Her hair was so black it cascades down her dress like a waterfall

Her eyes were so bright it reminds me of the beauty of the clouds

Her dentition were spacious and white it makes me think valuable adornments like diamonds are white

Her eye brows were so perfect which connoted an embodiment of faultlessness

Her skin so fresh and smooth it makes me desire to kiss every part of it

I took a deep breath and refused to breathe out as her perfume permeated the whole room

She is not human I concluded, she is a goddess, she is a mermaid, she is God-sent

Suddenly her mouth gently opens and with the most infectious smile on her lips she says “Mr. Man, Can you come in and shut the elevator please”

Still lost in thoughts and wondering if I should start up a conversation with her

But how will I be standing beside this beautiful creature and not say hello

As a sharp Lagos boy, I summoned courage …..

Me: Hello pretty, sorry about what just happened I was….

Madam: (with a wide smile she cuts me and replies) it is fine

Wow!!! I almost jumped in excitement. She smiled at me? Really?

I don hammer!!!!! I shouted this severally in my mind

(The elevator stops and she steps out.)

Reality suddenly sets in.

What floor am I going to? She stopped at the 13th floor and I followed her there?

Oh no!!! But I have a job interview on the second floor.

I adjusted my fat tie and tucked in my shirt properly, Checked my CV and credentials to ascertain they were intact, I put my  folder under my armpit. Interview here I come

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Hello everyone,

Wow!!! It truly has been a very remarkable year for you I believe.

The year is gradually coming to a wrap and so many plans are in place for the upcoming festive season.

I know for many this year didn’t go as planned or expected, for some others it was the year where they were at the peak of their careers, dreams and achievements.

Well for me I have a thousand and one reasons to thank God. So many things happened in the year and it is with so much gratitude to God I call it a wrap.

I know the festive season for some would cause tears and pain especially when they realize they would be ending the year without some loved ones they started the year with. I pray that all of such people be comforted by God himself.

And if you are among those who had big plans and dreams for the year 2016 and up until now they have not been achieved, then I believe this is for you:

Do not give up yet! A lot can still happen in 31 days… YES!!! IT IS STILL POSSIBLE.

Maintain your focus, believe in your dreams, remain positive and by the last day of this year you would have tremendous testimonies of the year.

Believe in yourself and know that IT IS STILL POSSIBLE.

I love and believe in you

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Daddy’s Little Girl



I was going through old bags and luggage and i found that old book where i did those writings as a young writer.

Its funny how i wrote this in 2007 and it really amazes me still….

Pardon the tenses and use of words….

Daddy’s little girl is a story of a single parent whose daughter was Everything to him… she grows up and its time to get married and it seems hard to let go….



She was his world, the apple of his eyes

Daddy’s precious little cute girl

The only one who could make him cry

In her eyes he was God

Heaven resides in His arms

The whole world was her daddy’s little charm

It wasn’t too long ago, she was sitting on his knee

He promised her  “If you would believe you can be anything you want to be. Honey, use your imagination. Don’t forget for one minute your dreams are within your reach and the sky is not your limit”.

His little girl is all grown up now

No longer a baby, no need for his protection

She is now a young lady.

He watches her spread her wings

A tear slips from his eye

He must let her go but how can he say goodbye

Thanks for reading and shout out to all Daddy’s Girls


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TMI Tag (Too Much Information)


Hello people,

How was your day? Its been a very busy period for me and while i have been working on work and life balancing, my home girl Deb tagged and insisted i do this and answer questions i do not even have all answers to…. RIDICULOUS!!! she wants to know some strange things about me and then a challenge with awkward questions.

I also have amazing friends and followers asking questions about me and wanting to some things about me and some personal things….. (dunno what all of you want)

Well I hope this answers some if not all

Just like Deb, she tagged me on her blog that i should do this, and trust me she is one amazing and prolific writer i know. you should see her post on TMI (Too Much Information ) Deb TMI too..

We seem to have some things in common though… Lol…

Anyway let me try and answer what I can…

What are you wearing?

A white native…. I think it’s called danshiki or agbada. My Tailor just showed me the style and thinks it would be lovely for a wedding ceremony i attended.

 Ever been in love?

I have and still in it….. its my nature.. lol

 Ever had a terrible breakup?

Dunno if there isn’t any breakup that isn’t terrible!

How tall are you?

5ft 9inches

How much do you weigh?

Last time I checked, 90kg (a long time ago though…. Already Worked on that)

 Any tattoos?

What are tattoos?

Any piercings?


 OTP (One True Pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple)

Sam loco and Patience Ozukwo (don’t even know her surname)… i am awkward right

Favourite show

No favorite

 Favourite bands?

Not a fan of bands…

Something you miss?

Childhood days… when i get all i want without work, stress or delays…. Just ask and receive

Favourite song

Holy Spirit by Martin PK

How old are you?

Very very young…

Zodiac sign?


 Quality you look for in a partner?

Sincerity and patience (I could be enigmatic and annoying but extremely loving and romantic and loving)

 Favourite Quote? 

The sufferings of this present times are not worthy to be compared to the glory that would be revealed afterwards

Favorite actor?

Quite a number of them

Favorite color?

White and black!

Loud music or soft?


Where do you go when you’re sad?

I look inward and bring joy from within, then I reach for my pen or my device and ease my emotions through writing.

How long does it take you to shower?

15 minutes

 Ever been in a physical fight?

In my first year in junior class of high school I had one with a classmate who I gave the beating of his life. Of course I looked bigger and cheated on him. After the fight all the boys in the hostel hailed me and said indeed I was strong because nobody could beat that guy up…. Now everyone know am THE MAN. And then when I was rounding up high school, I still believed I was the man and I engaged in another with my very good friend then. He warned me categorically that I shouldn’t dare him that he would beat the hell out of me but I insisted…. As fate would have it, he tucked my head under his armpit and gave me blows of life…. He really did beat me and that night he took the championship belt from me. From that day till forever I have never or imagined any fight again

 Turn on

Intelligence,Eloquence and Appearance

Turn off?  

Pretense, dishonesty and insincerity

The reason I joined Youtube?

I will tell you when I join…


No fears!!!

Last thing that made you cry

Saw a miracle of a 20 year old boy who had never walked in his entire life walking for the first time walking in church recently….

 Last time you said you loved someone?

Some minutes ago

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?

I am RichTee and I blog……

 Last book you read?

The power of your mind

The book you’re currently reading?

Understanding Men

 Last show you watched

Cant remember the name

Last person you talked to

An old time buddy

The relationship between you and the person you last texted

My  Twin

 Favourite food

Bread and Beans

Place you want to visit?


Last place you were?

The studio…

 Do you have a crush?

YES!!! Crush, Crusher!! Crushest

 Last time you kissed someone?

Who is someone please? Is it the name of a food?

Favourite flavour of sweet?


What instruments do you play?

Drum set

Favourite piece of jewellery?

My Ringsssssssssssssssss😍😍😍😍😍

Last sport you played?

Table Tennis

Last song you sang?

You Have Done Me Well by ObiShine

Favourite chat up line?

Ghen Ghen!!!

Have you ever used it


Last time you hung out with anyone

Few hours ago


I hope you now know little about me. If you have more questions buzz me via mail.

Thanks for reading…cheers!

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